How To Get A Stripper To Meet You Outside The Strip Club

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Every guy who goes to a gentlemen’s club shares the same secret dream… To charm one of the hot young strippers and get her to come back to your place for free buck naked lap dances all night long! So in this article I’m gonna teach you exactly how you can get a stripper to meet you outside the strip club for a little personal fun time! Alright, this is some amazing stuff, so get ready… Now I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve always been really into strippers, like I thought they were so sexy, but I always thought that they would be really “difficult” chicks for me to hook up with. I guess I figured that since strippers have so many knuckleheads sweating them that they would have these swelled heads and think that they are all that. But what I realized once I started hanging out with a couple strippers and dating strippers is that they are really just like any other girl. In fact, now strippers almost seem easier to hook up with than women I meet other places! So here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to do to get a stripper to meet you outside the strip club: 1) Act unimpressed at first Most guys drool like a horny Forest Gump when they see a hot chick. Let alone when they see a smokin’ hot stripper wearing nothing but a frilly thong, a smile and some glitter… So it’s really not that hard to stand out as superior to the other dudes in the club. Just make sure she sees you looking cool, wearing stylish gear and hanging out nonchalantly at the bar. She’ll start thinking, “why isn’t he looking at me?” 2) Make a real connection with her Then when you come into contact with her make your interaction fun and different then the normal stripper-customer interaction. For instance you should flirt with her it a confident way to show her that you’re not just another “chump” customer. Oh, and it’s easy to come into contact with a stripper, she’ll come up and ask if you want a lap-dance sooner or later if you go on a slow night… If you need any kind of information this topic click here: topless waitressing sydney

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